We deliver research-backed insights and innovative solutions focused on gender and intersectionality in Africa, to inform the development of inclusive policies and practices for governments, development agencies, policy makers, private institutions and NGOs and advance gender equity.

A Foundation in Gender and Intersectionality

Research and Advisory

Our research and advisory services are designed to provide deep insights into the dynamics of gender and intersectionality in Africa. We leverage cutting-edge research methodologies to uncover the nuanced ways in which gender intersects with other social categorizations, influencing outcomes in various sectors. Our work informs policies, programs, and practices, ensuring they are inclusive, equitable, and effective. Whether you're an NGO, a government agency, or a private entity, our bespoke advisory services will empower you to make informed decisions that advance gender equality.

Transformative Solutions for Inclusive Growth

Training and Consulting

Africa Trust Group's training and consulting division is committed to fostering environments where gender equality thrives. Our programs are meticulously designed to equip organizations and individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate gender and intersectionality into their operations. From workshops and seminars to comprehensive consulting services, we offer a range of solutions to enhance your capacity for gender-inclusive decision-making and practice. Join us in leading the change towards more equitable and prosperous
African societies.

Financing the Future of Gender Equity

Gender-lens Investing

In the realm of investing, our gender-lens approach is reshaping the landscape of African economies. We identify and support enterprises and initiatives that not only promise viable returns but also actively contribute to gender equality and women's empowerment. Our investment strategy is based on the conviction that integrating gender considerations into financial decisions leads to more resilient and inclusive economic growth. Partner with us to invest in a future where every investment is a step towards gender equity.