Revolutionize Africa: Empower Women, Enable Progress

At Africa Trust Group, we are dedicated to pioneering a future where gender equality and intersectionality are at the core of economic and social development. Our multifaceted approach spans research and advisory, training and consulting, and gender-lens investing. We believe in creating sustainable impact through tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities at the intersection of
gender and African development.


    To tackle gender disparities in Africa by using an intersectional approach, promoting inclusive growth, and creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

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    We deliver insights on gender and intersectionality in Africa, informing inclusive policies and practices for NGOs, government agencies, and private entities to advance gender equality.

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    We combine expertise in gender and intersectionality with customized solutions and a proven track record to drive impactful, sustainable change across Africa

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Economic Contributions and Investment Disparities for African Women Entrepreneurs

Africa Trust Group is dedicated to addressing the funding and leadership disparity for women in Africa. With over 58% of African women being entrepreneurs and contributing significantly to the continent's GDP, it is critical that they receive adequate support and resources. However, with only a small fraction of them gaining access to the funding they need, it limits their potential for growth and broader economic contribution.  We aim to increase female representation in all spheres – from policy to investment to enterprise - by providing comprehensive support and innovative tailored solutions to create a more equitable investment landscape in Africa.